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  1. I am to be my daughter’s birth partner and was apprehensive of the task ahead. I have just finished reading “Birth Skills” and am now looking forward to Imogen’s birthday. I too feel empowered to help my daughter and I am so pleased to have the skills we will need. I have three children, all born after a passive day in bed!!!

  2. Hi JuJu, my name is Jenna and I am a beginning Midwife in Southern NSW. I feel extremely connected with what you do and am so drawn to your philosophy of labour pain management. I have read and own a copy of your book Birth Skills which is amazingly insightful. I am sure other health professionals have asked (they would be crazy not to) but I am wondering if you offer/allow an insight into your birth classes? I would just love to learn from you and open my mind to the possibilities of becoming the best midwife I can be for the women I care for. Is there any chance of sitting in on one of your workshops? If not I completely understand! I just had to ask! My husband and I are planning to start a family at the end of this year so I suppose if I can’t get in touch with you as a fellow health professional perhaps I may be lucky enough to as an expectant mother by enrolling in your antenatal classes (if there are any places that is). Thankyou kindly for your time! If you wish to reply to my email address I would love to hear your thoughts! Warm regards, Jenna

  3. Hi Juju,
    I can’t thank you enough for your amazing book, Birth Skills. I have read it four times now; twice before the birth of my first child, and again before the births of my next two children. It absolutely changed the way I viewed birth and ensured that despite being induced each time due to foetal growth restriction, I was able to have wonderful pain relief drug-free births. I used every skill in the book across the three births and was amazed at how different things worked best each time. The first birth I used counting to four while banging stress balls over and over; second time I had my husband counting my contractions to about 60 while I used the ‘ahhhh’ sound and banged stress balls on the bed; third time I was totally in the zone and stared intently at a ticking clock to count my own contractions, while using a tens machine, the ‘ahh’ sound and a stress ball. I also had some of your fabulous mantras printed out and stuck to the wall.
    I’m such an enormous fan of you work that I recommend Birth Skills to all my pregnant friends and family members – and there have been a lot of these over the last four years! Even my midwife (who was the same for all three births) has now bought your book as she is pregnant and has seen the skills in action with me and wants to try them herself.
    So anyway, thanks again for all of your work. The skills helped to make my three births amazing.

    P.S. There is no better analogy or visualisation for pushing than the coffee plunger!

  4. Would love to be able to contact Juju for some questions. I can’t find a contact email anywhere. Please provide one?

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